Sunday, November 20, 2005


Sorry for the lack of postings here, just haven't had the time.

I have been maintaining my walking routine - following it around the neighbor hood as well as walking up stairs at work and getting out to walk to meetings during the day. Haven't seen a significant (or any) weight loss yet, but its worth noting that my waist line has trimmed down an inch or two (I was a 38 and they fall down now. I can fit in a 36, but its close).

Anyway, went out hunting this weekend in the George Washington National Forest and was invited to stay in some friendly folk's (including a reader of my other blog) camp.

Image hosted by

Spent some time Friday scouting around and on Saturday woke up at 5:00 and started climbing the side of the mountain at 6:00. I had a headlamp, but there wasn't a cloud in the sky (it was 20 degrees) and the moon was full. Gorgeous. By 6:45 I was at my spot - 600 feet up the side of the mountain at 2013 feet elevation hidden in a stone wall overlooking a ravine.

Here's the view as the sun came up though the gap (didn't want to use a flash for fear of scaring what apparently wasn't around)

Image hosted by

Here's my equipment, including my Marlin 336 in .30-30.

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It was a buck day and all I saw were 4 lesbian does. Oh well, those are the breaks. Still had a wonderful time.

Here's a skull from years past.

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Friday, November 11, 2005

Day 14 - Happy Veterans Day

Things have been quite here the last couple of days. Sorry, just didn't get a chance to post anything.

Drove into work with my sister in law (she works down the street from me). Had an einstein brothers bagel (and cream cheese) for breakfast - it sucked and wasn't worth it. Basically, outside the New York metro area its impossible to get a good bagel. Don't try to convince me otherwise because if you do 1) you will be wrong and 2) you will prove that you don't know what the fuck your talking about.

Anyway, its Veterans Day and everything in DC is closed (except my office) so I decided to go for a nice walk around town and thank some Vets. I'll post pictures later tonight.

Total Time: 01:26:25:17

Time above zone (>145 bpm) 0:01:13 (which I don't believe)
Time in zone (120-145 bpm) 0:36:51
Time below zone (<120 bpm) 0:48:21

Average Heart Rate 119 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 210 bpm (see why I don't believe that time above number. I suspect I walked by something security related that screwed up the HRM signal)
Total calories burned 375

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Day 11 - Evening

Dinner was swedish meatballs, collard greens, corn and potatoes.

After gladly watching the worst candidate (well, maybe Mark Early was worse) the Republican's have run in a generation go down in defeat I decided to take a nice little extended walk around the neighborhood.

Here's the specifics.

Total Time: 00:50:51:27

Time above zone (>145 bpm) 0:00:00
Time in zone (120-145 bpm) 0:21:27
Time below zone (<120 bpm) 0:29:24

Average Heart Rate 118 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 138 bpm
Total calories burned 221

Day 11

Nothing this morning.

I woke up and worked the polls.

Just got back from a visit with a pulmonologist - I was referred to her by my doctor - who is going to do a sleep study on me. Turns out I have some of the signs of sleep apnea. Yikes.

Anyway, at the Doctors appointment they weighed me and recorded my weight as 210. I protested and asked for a do over - saying thats not accurate - and the second time I weighed 204 with my clothes on. Didnt get to weigh myself this morning, but my guess is the weight is somewhere are 200.

Had a bowl of ceral this morning for breakfast and a cup of tea. Also had one Twix bar.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Day 10 - Nada

Nothing really happened today. I woke, had a bowl of cereal, met a friend for lunch at the all you can eat Indian Buffet at the Ascot Restaurant (only had 1 large plate though, which I fully passed later this evening), and had some Pumpkin Roasted Chicken that the wife made with a salad and carrots for dinner and splenda apple pie for desert.

No excercise - and none occurred yesterday.

Waking up early tomorrow to sit at the polls in McLean, VA. Will be out walking again at lunch.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Welcome Alphecca Readers

I'm honored that Jeff, one of the finest bloggers around, would think highly enough of this page to put up a full link to it. WOW!

Yes, you can find (or rather, you will begin to find) lots of pictures here it is mostly a personal diary of my training and fitness, as I try to shed pounds that initially occurred during the dreadful winter of 1997-1998 and have only added up since then.

It was that winter, when Vermont had its worst ice storm in a generation, that I was prevented from skiing as much as I had in the past. The result, along with a job at Catamount Brewing which paid me partially in beer and the bread machine I recieved as a gift, was that I began to gain weight.

After I got married that spring, moved to DC, and started working insane hours as a lawyer, it became increasingly more difficult to keep the pounds off.

Well, I am sick of weighing 200 lbs and have dedicated myself to shedding the weight as quickly as possible. Hence, this page.

Of course, while I am out exercising, I also try to bring along a camera with me everywhere and will be posting lots of pictures here (pictures that otherwise would have ended up at the Countertop Chronicles).


Saturday, November 05, 2005

Day 8 - Evening

We hit Ikea this afternoon, and while I didn't get the beloved Managers Special, I did get a hot dog and a Sprite. When i got home, I ate what was left of my son's McDonald's Cheeseburger and had one for myself (the small cheeseburgers - the 89 cent ones). Had some fries, not a lot since I don't really like them - and a Reeses peanut butter cup. We watched Batman Begins (***** - what a great movie) and had a cup of chair tea (90 calories). Afterward, I went for a walk around the neighborhood (three laps at each oval).

Here's the specifics.

Total Time: 00:34:49:85

Time above zone (>145 bpm) 0:00:00
Time in zone (120-145 bpm) 0:26:31
Time below zone (<120 bpm) 0:08:19

Average Heart Rate 125 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 143 bpm
Total calories burned 151


Breakfast was two bowls of safeway corn flakes with strawberry's (dehydrated). Pretty good stuff. Had it with whole milk.

Ran some errands and then hit the trails. Wanted to head out west to Skyland Meadows but because of the time - and the fact my wife was sick - I returned to Scott's Run with my son.

It was a gorgeous day and we started at the top parking lot, hiked out to the lookout - turning onto the primitive trail to the right at the first guide sign - then went to the left trail down to the river and followed the river up to the waterfall. Returned up the gravel path, to the stairs and back by the ruins until we got to the house.

Took this photomerge, which didn't turn out as well as last weeks. Still its interesting to see how much the leaves changed in 7 days.

Image hosted by

Last week's view:
Image hosted by

Here's the specifics.

Total Time: 1:06:39

Time above zone (>145 bpm) 0:01:30
Time in zone (120-145 bpm) 0:31:50
Time below zone (<120 bpm) 0:33:20

Average Heart Rate 121 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 153 bpm
Total calories Burned 290

Friday, November 04, 2005

Day 7 - Mid Day

Breakfast was a cup of earl grey tea with a splash of milk and a tablespoon of sugar (I needed sugar). Had it along with a cup of oatmeal and cold whole milk.

We had our legislative strategy meeting this morning and as usual they served real bad coffee. Poured a cup, only took a swig or two. At the same HRs's benefits fair was going on so I also grabbed a plate of fruit (passed on the delicious cookies and cakes and pies).

At lunch I went for a walk - first over to the White House and then up to and around Dupont Circle. Afterward, revisited the benefits fair and grabbed a plate of cheese, some water, and a banana.

Here's the 411 on the walk.

Total Time: 40:51:91

Time above zone (>145 bpm) 0:00:04
Time in zone (120-145 bpm) 0:30:54
Time below zone (<120 bpm) 0:09:54

Average Heart Rate 125 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 150 bpm
Total calories Burned 177

I've got a base of info up here. Tonight I am going to try and plug it into an excel spreadsheet. Not really enough to chart (and show anything) but worth putting in anyway.

Day 7 - Morning

Yippeee, this blog is a week old as of midnight tonight and I've already had 139 visitors (140 of which are probably myself)

Today at work we have HR's annual benefits fair. I'm looking forward to it, lots of cool prizes and I get to renegotiate my benefits.

Stayed up last night to finish Revenge of the Sith. Excellent movie, but its pretty long and I didn't get to sleep till 12:30 or so.

Alarm went off at 6:00 am, I snoozed till 7:00 and then rode into work on the Masi. It was a gorgeous morning and I stopped along the way for a second to take pictures of the foliage.

Image hosted by

Weight when I woke - 202lbs

Total Time: 59:03:19

Time above zone (>145 bpm) 0:40:32
Time in zone (120-145 bpm) 0:17:43
Time below zone (<120 bpm) 0:00:49

Average Heart Rate 150 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 176 bpm
Total calories Burned 540

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Day 6 - Morning

Think I came down with whatever my son has and so I again didn't sleep real well last night. Ended up, once again, waking up too late to ride the bike in. Drove to the metro station and took the train in.

For breakfast had a cup of oatmeal with cold whole milk and a cup of Earl Gray tea with splash of milk and 1 tsp of sugar. Also (bad bad bad) had 2 reeses penaut butter cups (110 calories each) and a mini kit kat bar (100 calories).

I am going for a walk at lunch - its going to need to be a full hour walk to burn this all off.

Eeer, I didn't.

I ended up walking over to the Art Gallery Grill to meet the sister in law for lunch. Had spanikopita and a glass of water with lemon. Also had 10 candy corns for desert.

Got a meeting at EPA this afternoon - its a 15 minute walk - and I will be taking it both ways.

Day 5

Nothing much happened.

Had a horrible night's sleep as my son was sick. Ended up, after finally getting him asleep around 2:00 am, to get to sleep. Ended up sleeping late and as a result drove in instead of riding the bike.

Walked 15 minutes to my morning meeting and walked 15 minutes back. Didn't track fitness. Had a cup of coffee, some cream, and half a bag of splenda for breakfast. Had Pad Thai and a spring roll for lunch. Felt like shit that night so I didn't go for a walk then either.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Day Four - Evening

Ended up throwing the Masi in the back of the Isuzu Rodeo and driving it home this evening. Had spaghetti with marinara sauce for dinner (who knows HOW MANY calories) and a glass of water. I had one sugar cookie my son made for desert.

After driving around so he would fall to sleep, I went and did my nightly walk.

Total Time: 29:57:82

Time above zone (>145 bpm) 0:00:00
Time in zone (120-145 bpm) 0:25:27
Time below zone (<120 bpm) 0:04:30

Average Heart Rate 126 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 142 bpm
Total calories burned 130

I've got an 8:30 meeting in the morning and will leave here at 6:00 am to ride in. Its a good 15-20 minute walk over to the meeting location in the morning, and I will report the results afterward.

Day 4

No bike ride in this morning. I left my bike at the office yesterday 'cause I needed to get home early for Halloween.

Ended up driving the Isuzu Rodeo in, so that I could take the bike home tonight and ride it again tomorrow.

Breakfast - 2 slices of cherry bread (a quick bread with the consistency of banana nut bread, not what I need to be eating) and a cup of earl gray tea with a splash of whole mile and a tsp of sugar. Plus I had 6 candy corns.

Ended up eating 4 packs of smarties too (25 calories in each pack) and for lunch went to the Old Ebbit Grill and had 3 tall glasses of ice water (with lemon slice) a bowl of southwestern chicken soup and a green salad with duck and weird little nuts on it. It was excellent.

Going to have another cup of tea with splash of milk and splenda this afternoon. Will walk extra far when I return home in the evening.