Sunday, November 06, 2005

Welcome Alphecca Readers

I'm honored that Jeff, one of the finest bloggers around, would think highly enough of this page to put up a full link to it. WOW!

Yes, you can find (or rather, you will begin to find) lots of pictures here it is mostly a personal diary of my training and fitness, as I try to shed pounds that initially occurred during the dreadful winter of 1997-1998 and have only added up since then.

It was that winter, when Vermont had its worst ice storm in a generation, that I was prevented from skiing as much as I had in the past. The result, along with a job at Catamount Brewing which paid me partially in beer and the bread machine I recieved as a gift, was that I began to gain weight.

After I got married that spring, moved to DC, and started working insane hours as a lawyer, it became increasingly more difficult to keep the pounds off.

Well, I am sick of weighing 200 lbs and have dedicated myself to shedding the weight as quickly as possible. Hence, this page.

Of course, while I am out exercising, I also try to bring along a camera with me everywhere and will be posting lots of pictures here (pictures that otherwise would have ended up at the Countertop Chronicles).