Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Day Four - Evening

Ended up throwing the Masi in the back of the Isuzu Rodeo and driving it home this evening. Had spaghetti with marinara sauce for dinner (who knows HOW MANY calories) and a glass of water. I had one sugar cookie my son made for desert.

After driving around so he would fall to sleep, I went and did my nightly walk.

Total Time: 29:57:82

Time above zone (>145 bpm) 0:00:00
Time in zone (120-145 bpm) 0:25:27
Time below zone (<120 bpm) 0:04:30

Average Heart Rate 126 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 142 bpm
Total calories burned 130

I've got an 8:30 meeting in the morning and will leave here at 6:00 am to ride in. Its a good 15-20 minute walk over to the meeting location in the morning, and I will report the results afterward.