Friday, November 11, 2005

Day 14 - Happy Veterans Day

Things have been quite here the last couple of days. Sorry, just didn't get a chance to post anything.

Drove into work with my sister in law (she works down the street from me). Had an einstein brothers bagel (and cream cheese) for breakfast - it sucked and wasn't worth it. Basically, outside the New York metro area its impossible to get a good bagel. Don't try to convince me otherwise because if you do 1) you will be wrong and 2) you will prove that you don't know what the fuck your talking about.

Anyway, its Veterans Day and everything in DC is closed (except my office) so I decided to go for a nice walk around town and thank some Vets. I'll post pictures later tonight.

Total Time: 01:26:25:17

Time above zone (>145 bpm) 0:01:13 (which I don't believe)
Time in zone (120-145 bpm) 0:36:51
Time below zone (<120 bpm) 0:48:21

Average Heart Rate 119 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 210 bpm (see why I don't believe that time above number. I suspect I walked by something security related that screwed up the HRM signal)
Total calories burned 375