Friday, October 28, 2005

Some background

I ought to give you some background.

I run another blog somewhere, where I blog under another name. That blog has become marginally successful. By that, I mean I have a regular readership far greater than I could ever imagine or that my writing should ever support. Its not enough to make any money off of, certainly not in the Glenn Reynolds sphere, but I get a decent enough amount of traffic there. The problem is, I have both lost the passion for blogging, and while I still blog at a prolific rate, I am not happy with the results.

This blog is an offshoot of some fitness blogging I began at my other blog. It failed there, cause I wasn't motivated, but I hope to succeed here. I am currently 34 years old (just turned it two weeks ago). I am 5'8" and currently weigh 200 lbs. This to me is unacceptable and I've watched as each year goes by my ability to do the things I like has slipped by more and more. Its hurt my self esteem and has probably impacted my health as well.

For many years, and still to this day, telemarking has been a passion. However, I am simply not in the shape to do it with the style, class or skill I could when I lived in Vermont and went 3-4 times a week.

What I hope to record here is a record of both my weight loss regiment (I am going to blog each meal and all my exercise) and eventually, when I am in shape enough - I will begin to blog each ski trip I take.

Well, thats enough for now. Its off to bed.