Saturday, October 29, 2005

Evening Activity

Dinner: Hit Mickey Ds and got the grilled chicken caesar salad. Had a glass of ice water with it (and also munch on my son's french fries). For desert, I was bad. Had a sugar cookie that my son and his aunt had baked this morning and then my wife took out the Chocolate cake. It was simply irresistible. I have no idea how many calories it had, but it was good.

Got back home and took a walk around the neighborhood. The wife says its a 2 mile loop - she knows it much better than I do - but I don't know if that distance is correct. In any case, here's the numbers

Time: 27:14:24
Time above the zone (> 150 bpm): 0:00:54
Time in the zone (100-150 bpm): 0:26:14
Time below the zone (>100 bpm): 0:00:07
Average Heart Rate 134 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 156 bpm
Calories Burned 119