Monday, October 31, 2005

Day Three - Happy Halloween

We will just avoid altogether the subject of how much candy I consumed at work today and while trick or treating this evening. While its much less than in the past, suffice it to say that any caloric reductions achieved by way of my morning bike ride were well surpassed. Of course, I didn't eat lunch (other than a Carmel covered apple and a cup of cider) and only had a chicken caesar salad and some chili for dinner.

Anyway, took the son trick or treating - but that was pretty slow and leisurely. Afterwards, when everyone had gone to sleep, at 11:00 pm this evening I did the same local neighbor hood route my wife does and which I essentially followed while trick or treating with the boy.

Total Time: 30:22:37

Time above zone (>145 bpm) 0:00:00
Time in zone (120-145 bpm) 0:17:36
Time below zone (<120 bpm) 0:12:46

Average Heart Rate 123 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 144 bpm
Total calories burned 132