Saturday, October 29, 2005

Day One - Breakfast

Well, I hit the sack late last night after starting this blog. As a result, I didn't really wake until my wife called and woke our son up at 10:00 am. He threw a temper tantrum about playing Thomas Train on the computer but eventually calmed down once he saw he could watch Saturday morning cartoons.

I then took a shower, got dressed and finally ate breakfast at 11:00 am. Had a bowl of Rice Krispies (90 Calories) and a bowl of Corn Pops (100 calories) plus 1 cup of whole milk (100 calories) with them.

Total Calories In - 290.
Weight - 201 lbs.

Activities planned for the day - I hope to walk at least 4 miles, though I am still recovering from a foot injury so we will have to see how that goes. It may only be 2 miles. If I am lucky, I can do a circuit at Scott Run Park this afternoon and then a trip around the neighborhood this evening. I will also be taking my son to the park to play. I'm always hoping for sex, but thats ultimately the wife's call.